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 About Sonvalia and the Valios

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PostSubject: About Sonvalia and the Valios   About Sonvalia and the Valios Icon_minitimeSat Nov 22, 2008 2:36 pm

The Valios are a type of Hume, but living in Mist changed them slightly. They are stronger than Humes and are generally smarter too. Most Valios look exactly like a Hume, but the difference between their physical features is that the Valios's eyes change upon their current emotion. One minute it could be a calm blue and the next it could be a fiery red to show their anger.

They are a peaceful race, but when called forth to battle they fight courageously. With the ability to learn quick, they know how to use many kinds of weapons and fight with all their might. Due to the war though, most Valios live deep in the mountain-forests of Sonvalia, avoiding the empire as much as possible as though not to be forced into the military.

The waterfall-forests of which they come from are far to the West of Nabradia. Over time, a slight Mist in the area infused with Hume blood, creating the Valios. The homes of the Valios are much like big tree-houses. Most of the nation is covered in water, for there are thousands of waterfalls, rivers, and lakes in the land of the Valios. Because of this, many homes are built on stilts above the water. The capital city of Armal is located in the center of a massive waterfall. It's like a huge mote to help protect it, and the mountainsides also protect it like a giant fortess.

When the war first started though, the Valios didn't want their nation involved at all. When Nabradia fell though, the nation was forced to take up arms. They were outnumbered 20 to 1, but fought valiantly. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. The royal family was captured and the capital fell to the Empire.

Now the entire nation is under Archadia's rule, but news of rebellions have spread through Ivalice.

About Sonvalia and the Valios CityinWater
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About Sonvalia and the Valios
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