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 The Lhusu Mines

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PostSubject: The Lhusu Mines   Wed Oct 22, 2008 5:59 pm

The Lhusu Mines is a location in Ivalice the world of the game Final Fantasy XII. Like the one in Henne, is a magicite mine located near the city of Bhujerba and previously was a major source of magicite for the Archadian Empire. Vaan, Balthier, Fran, and Basch head into the mines to rescue Penelo. Larsa joins them as well, using the alias "Lamont." However, Penelo was being used as bait for a trap set by several Bangaas to capture Balthier. Penelo was able to escape with Larsa, and Vaan and his friends followed.

Later in the game, the player can return here to fight several Marks, including the legendary Gilgamesh.

The "Lhusu Mines" can be ventured in from the Skycity of Bhujerba in Lhusu square. When you're trying to rescue Penelo, the enemies' levels are 7-13. But when you get further and tried to kill the mark, Antlion and receive the key, the enemies' levels are 38-43. Also if you defeated Gilgamesh once, and you encountered him again and you get near him, the enemies' levels rise from 59-64.

Monsters hunted here:

* Steeling
* Skeleton
* Skull Defender
* Slaven
* Gazer
* Vampyr
* Dullahan
* Headless
* Bug
* Dark Lord
* Pandora
* Aeronite
* Rocktoise (Mark)
* Antlion (Mark)
* Gilgamesh (Mark)
* Nidhogg (Mark)
* Diabolos (Mark)
* Aerieel (Rare)
* Disma (Rare)
* Gemhorn (Rare)
* Bombshell (Rare)

Click here to see these monsters:
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The Lhusu Mines
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