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 The Continent of Kerwon

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PostSubject: The Continent of Kerwon   Mon Oct 13, 2008 2:42 pm

In Kerwon, south of Dalmasca, the lands are arid at lower altitudes, though the higher elevations are the only places in the region known to receive snow. The north of Kerwon is heavily forested, home to the dense Golmore Jungle, within which lies the magical Feywood.

These various micro-climates are influenced by the magical phenomenon known as Mist, an unstable substance with the ability to cause great variation over small areas. Due to the influence of Mist, several areas of Ivalice are 'jagd', areas in which Mist-laden winds and magicite-rich soil interfere with airship mechanisms. As such, jagds tend to be harsh, lawless frontiers, uncontrolled by any nation. Physically, the peninsula area resembles Europe in the east, with the landmasses of Valendia, Ordalia and Kerwon surrounding a central body of water (the Naldoan Sea) on three sides. To the west, Valendia and Kerwon curve away from Ordalia, creating the Galtean Peninsula.

Mist is responsible for the existence of 'magicite', stones that contain magical powers due to the presence of Mist in their crystalline structure. Magicite is divided into three types; spellstones that are used in spell casting, skystones that are installed into a component known as 'glossair rings' that give flight to the vehicles, whether small-sized bikes or large airships, and memstones that function much like recording devices. The quality of magicite depends on the quantity of Mist and not on the size or shape of the stone. The ubiquitousness of magic and magicite, as well as its cost-efficiency, led to it replacing electricity and its various sources as the dominant usable energy in Ivalice.

Nethicite, another type of magicite, works by absorbing Mist, thus nullifying the effects of magic and storing vast amounts of power. Nethicite can be described as either deifacted or manufacted (literally, god-made or man-made). Deifacted nethicite is nethicite created by the Occuria, the ultimate source of which is the Sun-Cryst. Deifacted nethicite contains a large amount of magic and is known to influence the history of Ivalice.

The locations found in Kerwon are the Ozmone Plain, the village of Jahara, the Golmore Jungle, the Paramina Rift, Mount Bur-Omisace, the Feywood, the Eruyt Village, the Stillshrine of Miriam, and the Ancient City of Giruvegan.
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The Continent of Kerwon
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