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 Bhujerban Dialect 101

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PostSubject: Bhujerban Dialect 101   Wed Oct 22, 2008 5:45 pm


The people of Bhujerba speak with an accent similar to "Indian English". Many of their terms are actual words from the actual Sanskrit language. The most common word is Bhadra, which is a formal address, not unlike the English use of Sir/Madam or Mr/Ms/Mrs. The dialect is also seen, when approaching the guides of the city, as they will have the title of Parijanah, which fittingly means "guide".

Other Bhujerban words:

* Amba - Mother
* Bhadra - Good
* Hanta - Great!
* Kah - Who
* Kastam - Alas
* Madhu - A wine beverage, is Honey in Sanskrit
* Parijanah - Guide
* Raksas - Monster
* Sainikah - Soldier
* Svagatam - Welcome
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Bhujerban Dialect 101
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