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 The Rozarrian Empire

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PostSubject: The Rozarrian Empire   Mon Oct 13, 2008 2:33 pm

"The Rozarrians. Their Empire lies far to the west, ever at war with Archadia. Heedless of the kingdoms caught in their midst. Dalmasca. Nabradia. Landis."

Built up during the Galtean Alliance like most of the other great powers in Ivalice, Rozarria became one of the greatest Empires in Ivalice, second only to Archadia. However, while Rozarria eventually stopped expanding, Archadia kept on going, taking over smaller nations that got in their way. Unable to ignore such hostile actions, Rozarria eventually declared war on Archadia, and started hostilities that lasted for years to come. The war eventually ended when Archadia invaded Dalmasca, as Rozarria were powerless against the other Empire now that they held one of the most key-strategic positions in Ivalice. However, when Vayne Solidor came into power, hostilities rose again, and a war was about to begin, with Dalmasca as the battle field. However, with Vayne's death, the Rozarrian fleet stopped, and a bloody war with it.

Rozarria however left their mark in the Galtean Peninsula. Around the expanse of the Sandsea are massive oil rigs and tanks that were built in the olden days, when Rozarria aims to prospect oil from the desert. However, sandstorms and frequent attacks from the Urutan-Yensa hindered their progress, and after a while, Rozarria stopped their oil mining activities altogether.

People of Rozarria

Only two people from Rozarria are seen during the course of the story, the high-ranking aristocrat Al-Cid Margrace, and his assistant. Speaking with a heavy Spanish accent, Al-Cid appears to be the romantic type. Since his assistant never speaks, we can never be sure if all Rozarrians have this heavy accent, but it is fair to say that they do.

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The Rozarrian Empire
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