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 Golmore Jungle

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PostSubject: Golmore Jungle   Wed Oct 22, 2008 5:00 pm

Golmore will prove to be a daunting place on the first visit. The status-inducing Malboros run wild through the jungle and can be very harmful for the party. Also rampant are the Hellhounds and Diresaur which early on can be very dangerous. When first entering, the party will come across several magickal barriers which block the paths. Fran will explain that the Viera have placed them there for protection and will lead the party to the entrance of Eruyt Village where they can speak with the Elder and request passage through the jungle.

The Golmore Jungle is located just to the east of the Ozmone Plains. Continue east to reach the Paramina Rift and the path to Mt. Bur-Omisace, or head south and enter the Feywood. It is a vast jungle east of the Ozmone Plains.

Monsters found here:

* Panther
* Hellhound
* Coeurl
* Gargoyle
* Treant
* Malboro
* Great Malboro
* Diresaur
* Skull Knight
* Midgardsormr (Rare)
* Phyllo (Rare)
* Elder Wyrm (Optional Boss)
* Biding Mantis (Rare)
* Grave Lord (Rare)
* Vorpal Bunny (Mark)

Click here to see these monsters:
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Golmore Jungle
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