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 The Sochen Cave Palace

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PostSubject: The Sochen Cave Palace   Wed Oct 22, 2008 4:22 pm

"A giant underground complex in Archadia, consisting of natural caverns and the abandoned ruins of an ancient palace. Many of its ways and passages remain uncharted on current maps. From the style of the carvings adorning some of the walls, it is thought that the complex was built at some point during the Galtean Alliance, though no records of its construction remain. A survey mission was initiated to chart the many corridors here, but a particularly nasty infestation of creatures has significantly hampered progress."

It is an underground network of caves and broken down palaces that provide a passageway to the heart of the Archadian Empire: the city of Archades. Sochen Palace is an ancient palace overrun with undead, bats, imps and other nasty creatures. The only royalty currently residing within the temple are a family of Mandragoras led by the Onion Queen. These Mandragoras have caused problems for hunters in the Archadian wilderness. Several ancient and powerful creatures are locked away in the depths of the Sochen.

The Sochen Cave Palace is located just to the northeast of Tchita Uplands and gives access to Old Archades.


* Wendingo
* Striker
* Imp
* Pit Fiend
* Zombie Knight
* Focalor
* Gorgimera
* Onion Queen (Boss)
* Topstalk (Boss)
* Mandragora Prince (Boss)
* Alraune King (Boss)
* Pumpkin Star (Boss)
* Ahriman (Boss)
* Hell Wyrm (Optional Boss)
* Cubus (Rare)
* Darksteel (Mark)
* Overlord (Mark)

To see these monsters, click here:
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The Sochen Cave Palace
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