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 The Phon Coast

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PostSubject: The Phon Coast   Wed Oct 22, 2008 4:17 pm

"Coastal region lying along the Phon Straits which divide Archadia from Nabradia. Praised for its beautiful beaches of white sand, and lush greenery. A hunter's camp along the coast attracts adventurers and headhunters, forming a community where they might exchange information and rest between expeditions."

"Of the many hunters roaming Ivalice, the best of the best, seeking out the rarest of marks, are known to gather in a camp along the Phon Coast. Unlike clans, the hunters that collect here have no leader, and all information exchanges, activities to support the camp, and payments for such, are handled on an individual basis."

Connecting the regions of Nabradia and Archadia, the Phon Coast is located between the Salikawood and the Tchita Uplands. Here, white sandy beaches and clear whether nearly all the time make it a nice place to travel to.

Phon Coast is a popular meeting place for hunters of all types, shapes and sizes. A noticeboard for checking Marks is situated in the centre of the camp. A group of unruly Bangaan hunters operate out of one of the docked ships. Rather than Marks, they prefer to hunt the more elusive Rare Game and petition Vaan to hunt for them and return with trophies received from defeating the rarest of creatures.


* Archaeosaur
* Bagoly
* Pyrolisk
* Silver Lobo
* Iguion (Docile)
* Mandragora (Docile)
* White Chocobo
* Piranha
* Air Elemental
* Apsara (Rare)
* Thalassinon (Rare)
* Skullash (Rare)

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The Phon Coast
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