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 Dalmasca Westersand

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PostSubject: Dalmasca Westersand   Wed Oct 22, 2008 4:13 pm

"One of the vast deserts of the Dalmascan region situated to the west of Rabanastre. Few roads pass through this waste, and as such it is little frequented by merchants. In Dalmasca Westersand, the sandstorms are more greatly feared than the beasts; so much so, in fact, that whole societies of natural philosophers in Rabanastre devote themselves to their study."

The Dalmasca Westersand is located just to the west of Rabanastre, in the Dalmasca region. The area is slightly mountainous and maze-like unlike the mostly wide-open Estersand. Continue west to reach the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea.

Unlike the Estersand, sandstorms are very common in the Westersand. These are being caused by the Earth Tyrant. Once the Earth Tyrant has been slain, the sandstorms will die down and become a rare occurrence.

Monsters here:

* Alraune
* Dive Talon
* Wolf
* Sleipnir
* Urstrix
* Cockatrice
* Gnoma Entite (Sandstorm only)
* Earth Tyrant (Optional Boss)
* Lindbur Wolf (Rare)
* Kaiser Wolf (Rare)
* Dustia (Rare)
* Fideliant (Rare)
* Thextera (Mark)
* Ring Wyrm (Mark, sandstorm only)
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PostSubject: Re: Dalmasca Westersand   Thu Oct 23, 2008 11:09 am

As she approached the creature she noticed the image was distorted from her view. what she thought was a creature she had never seen.. was just a large pack of wolfs. She sighed. " I may be stuborn and blind at times but I know i cant take on all of these by myself.. I need a plan"...
Vash picked up her bow and drew an arrow from her quiver. "if i shoot them I might have a chance"
She knew she could probly get two to three arrows into them befor they could get close enough to her... but that would leave 17 left.. granted... 8 of those where just cubs.
Vash pulled her arm back and released fireing an arrow straight for one of the smaller adults quickly reloading and shooting at anohter adult then finally shooting at the last adult left that she knew she could befor dropping her bow and running back as the pack attacked being this close to the cubs the females would try to take the cubs away while the males distracted her in battle.. she needed to deal with them quickly if she wanted a cub.
Vash quickly unsheather her sword, holding it with the blade flat against her arm. she turned around and began charging back at the wolfs as they tried to surronud her while her back was turned the group that was chaseing her had gotten smaller. She knew better htough. The 2 infront where only to guide her to the others who would box her in. She went to slash at the one jumping up to attack her neck and knock her down. just sweeping her arm up infront of her barely moveing the balde away from her arm quickly twisting to the side as the other went to her leg slideing it aswell. "damn.. where are the others".

Vash decided to just walk back to the "den" she was sure the others would appear to stop her but she had to try and get one of those cubs.
two more wolfs showed up to stop these seemed younger and less mature then the ones she had slayed earlier. slightly more afraid. She made loud noisese to make try and frighten them away and save herself another battle. "rawr. get get!."
One of the two dashes away probly to get help from one of the adults. The other one seemed more brave and just became more agressive. it bared its fangs stareing at her. "fine. have it your way." She sprang forward the balde under her arm out in front of her. She swung her arm across the side of the wolf. cutting its neck clean as it tried to bite at her. It caught her leg with one swip of its claws and tripped her. Though it cost its life. She shook herself and got up sprinting towards to den. She arrived to see what looked liket he den mother holding a pup in her mouth and dashing off. She waited untill the mother was out of sight to approach the den.

She whistled lowly. Wanting to attract the tiny creatures. Going into a wolfs den was always foolish. Vash did it anyway. Crawling into the shelter they had created she felt around for a pup hearing no growls she knew she was safe from attack for now. She grabed the first pup she felt not careing of its gender. quickly crawling out as the young thing yelped and whined. probly wanting its mother. Once outside she began sprinting away from the den only stopping to pick up her bow. and sling it over her back. Still holding the whelp in her left hand. her right holding the blade in case of attack. She realised she would need to put the tiny thing somewhere safe "damit why didn't I bring my cloak today.. I could of made a pouch for it". When she felt she was far enough away she decided to check for the things gender to decided a fitting name for it.. unfortunately at this point the ... darling.... had pee'd on her arm.... "so your a girl. hehe" Vash smiled and petted the thing ignoreing the pee on her arm for now untill she could get back to town and clean up abit. She stroked the things fur lightly trying to stop the yelping and whimpers after sheathing her sword finally "shhh shh... its ok... now what to name you little..."
Vash had never been any good at figureing out names."Valkyrie!. That shall be it"
Vash smiled at her new companion as it started whimpering again from the sudden loud noise. she held the tiny thing close and stroked its fur soothingl. whispering softly "its ok Valkyrie.. shh shh." Walking forward to her destinateion. She paused only to pick up one of the wolfs she took the makeshift lasso she made to tie around the dead wolf and drag it along as to not disturb the small cub that had just fallen asleep nestled against her stomach abit under her chest.
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Dalmasca Westersand
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