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 Barheim Passage

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PostSubject: Barheim Passage   Wed Oct 22, 2008 12:53 pm

Long since abandoned, the passage now provides no real use. Originally it was a passage used to speedily bring goods into Nalbina Fortress, but fell into disuse with the advent of airships as the preferred form of transportation. Now, the only people who walk down its paths are people escaping from the Nalbina Dungeons.

Monsters to fight here:

* Steeling
* Mimic
* Tiny Mimic
* Battery Mimic
* Tiny Battery
* Mimeo
* Flan
* Bomb (Docile)
* Suriander
* Adamantitan
* Zombie
* Dead Bones
* Skeleton
* Skull Defender
* Specter
* Mimic Queen (Boss)
* Zalera (Esper)
* Minibug (Rare)
* Ithuno (Rare)
* Ishteen (Rare)
* Bloodwing (Mark)

Don't know what they are? Go here:
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Barheim Passage
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