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 Character Template

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PostSubject: Character Template   Mon Oct 13, 2008 1:59 pm

Name ~

Age ~

Gender ~

Race ~

Occupation ~

Height ~

Weight ~

Eye Color ~

Hair Color ~

Blood Type ~ (optional)

Element ~ (main element you enjoy to fight with, you can have 2 of these)

Summoning/s ~ (Can have up to 3, they can be made up, but valid so it doesn't godmod)

Bio ~ (Optional, but we would like to know some about ya =])

Personality ~

Appearance ~

Preferred Weapon/weapons ~

Party ~ (Who do you travel with? Which friends travel with you to help you on your journeys?)

Strengths ~ (Example - Being really strong physically)

Weaknesses ~ (Example: Dumb, slow, fat. w/e)

Likes ~ (What do you enjoy?)

Dislikes ~ (What are your pet peeves?)

Other things ~ (Sayings, songs that represent you, pictures you enjoy, books you enjoy.. stuff like that!)
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Character Template
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