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 RP 101/Rules

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PostSubject: RP 101/Rules   Sun Oct 19, 2008 6:16 pm


DON'T godmod! x.x" examples of godmodding would be:

1. Auto-hitting.
2. Using an attack that your RP character is clearly not capable of yet.
3. Claiming to have something (Power, weapon) that you clearly and obviously cannot have or use.
4. Ignoring another person's post/attack.

BE DESCRIPTIVE!!! The more descriptive your post is.. the better. ^^ Example.. we want posts like this:

Icisia unsheathes her Tezamai twin swords and points them at the enemy ahead of her. "You end here." In an instant, she runs towards her enemy swinging both blades rapidly in front of her as she prepares to take a slash at him/her.

You don't have to type like that you can use your action marks.. *~([.. w/e works. Just make sure it's descriptive and easy to understand. We don't want to see posts like this:

*runs up and slahses his head off before he can even move* HA so thats how its gonna end huh? <--- MAJOR godmodding.

ALL new members will start off with 10,000 gil. That's enough to buy a weapon and armors. Each kill of a normal monster earns you 100 gil. Marks/Rare game will award you 1,000 gil or more. We will be watching roughly how much gil you have so if you have 10,000 but say you have 100,000.. there WILL be consequences.

Also, if you are a new player, hunting elite marks is prohibited! You will get your ass killed by those marks, and we WILL NOT bring you back for it.

Jobs ~ If you have a job you automatically get 100 gil everyday. If you perform a special job and an admin or mod okays it then you may get more. Cheating with the gil is PROHIBITED. I don't want people to think they're filthy rich on the first day..

Alternate accounts ~ You may have only ONE alt. unless an admin gives you permission to have more. If you want a name-change, send me a pm about it! Don't complain to my mods about it, because they don't wanna hear it.

Aaaand finally... don't have a senseless and pointless argument over who godmodded and who won!!! The mods/admins will decide that so just RP and have fun =] Razz


1. Treat everyone equally, even the mods and admins have to treat everyone equally. Report this to me if it is not done so.

2. NO GODMODDING. Did I mention no godmodding? x3

3. Keep EVERYTHING rated PG/13 or under. If I hear about R rated conversations, excessive swearing, excessive harassment towards another user or such.. there WILL be consequences.

4. Keep the chatbox clean people. >_> I will ban users from it if I hear about rule breaking in there.

5. Please have fun ^_^

6. If you aint active, don't think I aint deleting ya x3
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RP 101/Rules
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