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 Amsho the bangaa

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Character Stats
Total Gil: 10000
Occupation: Soldier
Race: Bangaa

PostSubject: Amsho the bangaa   Sun Dec 21, 2008 12:00 pm

Name ~ Amsho

Age ~ 21

Gender ~ male

Race ~ Bangaa

Occupation ~ Soldier

Height ~ 5'9

Weight ~ 138

Eye Color ~ Blueish

Hair Color ~ None

Blood Type ~

Element ~ Fire and Wind

Summoning/s ~ Will make later

Bio ~ A bangaa born into a rich family. He had everything he would need. Until one day when the boy was at school a bandit came to his house and murdered his parents. The bandit had burn down the house and so the child basically has no past. The child then went to be a soldier once old enough and got tired of waiting for something to come up.

Personality ~ rnaomd at times and calm

Appearance ~

Preferred Weapon/weapons ~ dual swords

Party ~ No one at the moment

Strengths ~ Fast and Smart

Weaknesses ~ Strong and cant swim

Likes ~ Shiny things

Dislikes ~ Little children

Other things ~ None
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Lost Royalty

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Race: Valios

PostSubject: Re: Amsho the bangaa   Sun Dec 21, 2008 4:21 pm

Accepted x3
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Amsho the bangaa
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