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 Akira : DD tha skypirate

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Occupation: Skypirate
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PostSubject: Akira : DD tha skypirate   Sat Nov 29, 2008 10:04 am

Name ~ Akira

Age ~ 14

Gender ~ Male

Race ~ Humen

Occupation ~ Skypirate : DD

Height ~ 1.70 m

Weight ~ 49 kg

Eye Color ~ blue

Hair Color ~ mix between light and dark cloure

Blood Type ~ (optional) A+

Element ~ (main element you enjoy to fight with, you can have 2 of these) Lightning And

Summoning/s ~ (Can have up to 3, they can be made up, but valid so it doesn't godmod)
nun yet

Bio ~ (Optional, but we would like to know some about ya =]) Akiras Parents where killed by imperaial forces and thats why i hates the imperials and became a skypirate.
all for now O.o

Personality ~ youl find out O.o

Appearance ~ avi O.o

Preferred Weapon/weapons ~ Blades & Guns

Party ~ (Who do you travel with? Which friends travel with you to help you on your journeys?)
Travels allone for now o.o

Strengths ~ (Example - Being really strong physically)
Fast and Strong.. and very skilled with magic.

Weaknesses ~ (Example: Dumb, slow, fat. w/e)
Very Impulsiv and random at sum times.

Likes ~ (What do you enjoy?)
Girls, Animals, parys and stealing form rich ppl

Dislikes ~ (What are your pet peeves?)
Classic music, gay ppl that tries to get me in bed O.o
, Imperials.

Other things ~ (Sayings, songs that represent you, pictures you enjoy, books you enjoy.. stuff like that!) We wont back down them song x3
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Lost Royalty

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Occupation: Thief
Race: Valios

PostSubject: Re: Akira : DD tha skypirate   Sat Nov 29, 2008 11:29 am

Approvededed x3
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Akira : DD tha skypirate
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